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Three of my co-workers are talking about how much they want to see that Martin Lawrence movie where he takes his kid on a college road trip. They want to see it. It makes me die a little inside.

And now it's 20 minutes later and they're still talking about it. Now I want to fly over the dividing wall of our row and attack them with my stapler and retro Bic pen.

*war cry*

I never played Dungeons & Dragons so I'd never heard of Gary Gygax until all these little odes to him started popping up all over my flist. John was a D&D geek when he was in high school and while I never understood exactly what went on during those marathon gaming sessions he had with his friends, I knew it made him happy. And much later when he and Ron and I all ended up in Boston and they needed someone to game with, I got dragged into it and I wouldn't trade our RPG adventures for anything in the world. RIP, Mr. Gygax. And thanks.
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Le sigh.

So I know that I should be cleaning my kitchen right now. I mean, logically, I know this. I can practically see the dirt from here. But I don't waaaaant to. There are dishes in there, lurking. And dammit, I just don't give a damn.

So here I sit, not cleaning, and thinking about my terribly nice day:

Got up (late, natch - I'm late everywhere I go before noon since I started the night job).
Drove like a bat out of hell to Brighton to pick up John so we could go to Ron's and game.
Played MERP for many hours and had a blast doing it. There's just something about playing a half-elf that wields two swords that makes me ungodly happy.
Picked up pizza.
Worried about the fact that I could smell gas inside my car.
Went back to John and Tanise's.
Ate pizza.
Played LotR Trivial Pursuit (and lost....badly) and LotR Monopoly (which I won - dude, I never win anything!).
Worried some more about the gas thing.
Came home.
Avoided cleaning the kitchen.
Avoided it some more.
Yeah, okay, still avoiding.

All in all, a happy day. The best thing about playing the LotR games? The quotage.
Land on Gap of Rohan: "We should make for the Gap of Rohan!"
Land on Isengard: "They are taking the hobbits to Isengard!"
Land on Edoras: "Last I looked, Theoden, not Aragorn, was king of Rohan."

Etc, etc, ad nauseum, ad infinitum until Tanise wants to kill us all and put out our eyeses. Hee!

Okay, enough with the avoidance. Time to gird myself with sponge and pail and break through the defenses of the kitchen. God be with me.
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It's snowing. Again. And I had to drive in it. Again. And it screwed with our gaming plans. Again.

On the plus side, we got a good five-six hours of gaming in before we decided that maybe it would be good to get off the Hill of Death that John & Tanise live on before we were marooned there for the duration.

On the down side, all I've eaten today is two donuts - one chocolate frosted with sprinkles and one jelly - and some chips. And now I'm at that funny-feeling stage where I'm not sure if I'm hungry or if I need to hurl. I'm thinking it's hunger, but I'm afraid to test it, just in case it's actually impending hurling.

John and I got online last night to trade stuff in Diablo (uh....... we're geeks, in case you hadn't figured that out), but then he invited me over to their place. It was nice - we sat around and played Scrabble. I always lose. I have never won a game of Scrabble in my entire life. It makes no sense, because I have vast grammar and spelling knowledge crammed into my head, yet I suck at Scrabble. Anyway, it was nice to just hang out and talk.

Next weekend, we're having a Christmas/LotR Extravagaaanza! Getting together Saturday for the extended Fellowship and Two Towers, then dinner and presents, since Ron will be in NY for the holidays. Then RotK on Sunday, baby! Woo!


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