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Okay, I've been up since 5:45 am and this is feeling like the longest day ever in the history of mankind and I unexpectedly ended up watching Continuum tonight while I was a little whacked out on caffeine and chocolate, so here are my not-very-coherent thoughts.

Spoilers for Stargate: Continuum... )
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I'm so extraordinarily pissed at myself right now. I went to work this afternoon, completely forgetting to set up the VCR for the brand spankin' new ep of Stargate that was on tonight. I didn't even think about it until it was too late even to call home and get the Roommate to tape the 11 pm re-play for me. Grr! Arrrrrgh! I've been looking forward to this for weeks! How the hell could I forget?! For crying out loud...

This is what happens when work takes over your brain. Let it be a lesson, kids. Don't let work happen to you, too. I've still got seven hours to work on Sunday before I make my 60 for the week, but at least I'm done until then. A whole day! With no work! I think I shall sleep. Oh yes. Sleep.

Also? I should've gotten a paycheck in the mail today for last week, plus holiday pay from Christmas. Instead? I got a phone call from some chick who tells me that her company has "acquired" Lakeshore Staffing, my temp agency that got me my current job. They'd like me to come in and meet with them to go over some new policies, etc, etc, oh and by the way, she has my check. Pardon? You have my check? She's so nonchalant about it, like I don't need that money. She wonders if I'd like to pick it up on Monday when I come in to meet with her? No, actually. I'd like to have it in my hands and be putting it in my bank account, bitch. Gah! So there go the groceries I was planning on buying tomorrow. And I was hoping to see RotK again during my one day off, but apparently, that's out the window as well. And what is it they need to see me for, anyway? I filled out about seventeen pounds of paperwork when I interviewed with Lakeshore in the first place. Plus, I'm not even looking for a frelling job right now anyway.

Wow! I'm very pissy.

Okay, one good thing to try and even it out. I've been invited to join the 2nd shift at work, which is 3:30 to midnight (as opposed to 5:30-2 am, which is what I work now). They'd also like to teach me some new stuff so that I can do more kinds of work than just the data processing I've been doing. I'm taking these things as a sign that things are going well, and that maybe they're thinking of hiring me when the temp gig is up. I mean, would they be teaching me new stuff if they were going to let me go? I don't know - for now, we play the waiting game.

"Waiting game sucks! Let's play 'Hungry Hungry Hippos!'"


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