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Your LOTR Sex Scenario by Lady_Galadriel
Any Word
Where It HappenedRohan
Others InvolvedHaldir and Elladan, Elrohir
How Many Times10
How Did It EndYou died
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Dead from teh sex with hot Elves. Hee!

I spent the weekend at home with my Mom. I came down with a whopper of a cold last week and it was nice to just be at home and veg for a little bit. We spent most of Saturday in Albany so she could run errands and then we went to see I, Robot. Her choice - she got all excited when she found out that Alan Tudyk was in it. I think she misses Firefly as much as I do.

Side note: I don't ever want to see the trailer for Open Water again. Ever. Never ever.

I went to church this morning - always an adventure. So many people there that have known me for most of my life, some since I was a baby, and it weirds me out sometimes to see them all growing older. Noelle, who was my Sunday School student when I was living at home, is going into her senior year in high school, so she's just getting into the college hunt. I think she's got her heart set on coming to the Boston area, which would just be so great. She's such a great kid - smart as a whip and incredibly creative and passionate - and I think she would really thrive in the city.

I had a decent drive back - no Charley rain, as was expected - but now I'm beat. Bed is calling. Hope you all had a good weekend.

I almost forgot: GIP! The lovely [ profile] llaras made my very shiny icon. Ooh, pretty!
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Greetings from the coldest, most boring town on Earth. Well, I suppose it's not actually the coldest. But I'm pretty sure we've got most boring sewn up. I always forget just how boring my hometown is until I come back to visit. It's shocking, really, how very little actually goes on in this town.

People always say things like, "Ooh! You grew up in Vermont! That must have been wonderful with all the snow and the skiing!" Or, "Vermont is so beautiful. You're so lucky you got to live there. Why would you ever leave?" But these people haven't actually ever had to live in Bennington, Vermont. They haven't had to drive an hour to get to a decent movie theatre. They haven't had to sit at the intersection on Main Street for half an hour because yet another moron truck driver doesn't know that he can't make a left-hand turn at Four Corners without taking out the lobby of the Putnam Building. They haven't had to deal with the selfish old rich people who'd rather see the youth of this town crammed into an old and rotten junior high school instead of shelling out what probably amounts to pocket change to build a new school where there's enough space and enough acreage for decent sports fields and wouldn't it be nice if our kids didn't end up with asbestos in their lungs while they got an education?

Plus? I don't even ski.


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