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Impending Stormpocalypse of DOOM = no longer impending.

It has begun!

*bangs gong*

*awaits collective co-worker freakout*
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-- It's very very cooooold. When I left work at 1 am, I thought my fingers were going to freeze solid just getting from the office to my car. Brrr. Then my car was all warm and toasty by the time I got home and I didn't want to get out and have to be cold again. So I sat in the car, because sometimes, I'm a dork.

-- We have Monday off! I'm so very excited about this, because a three day weekend means I get to go home! I haven't been home to VT since October and I miss it. I'm glad I don't live there anymore, but I still miss it. So yay! I'm going to haul my DVD player and my extended Fellowship and Two Towers DVDs because my friend Bev has finally decided that maybe she'd like to see what all the fuss is about. What she really wants, though, is to stare at Legolas. She thinks she's got me fooled, but she doesn't.

-- My hands were all dry and gross tonight at work so Tracey gave me some lotion. After I already had it on my hands, she said very happily, "It's sparkly lotion!" So now I have little bits of glitter all over me. It's on my hands, my face, my clothes. At one point, I rubbed my eye, so I think there are now sparkles up under my eyelid. Joy. Why? Why the glitter in the lotion, I ask you?

-- Oh, and this? Is evil:
Ew. )
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It's snowing. Again. And I had to drive in it. Again. And it screwed with our gaming plans. Again.

On the plus side, we got a good five-six hours of gaming in before we decided that maybe it would be good to get off the Hill of Death that John & Tanise live on before we were marooned there for the duration.

On the down side, all I've eaten today is two donuts - one chocolate frosted with sprinkles and one jelly - and some chips. And now I'm at that funny-feeling stage where I'm not sure if I'm hungry or if I need to hurl. I'm thinking it's hunger, but I'm afraid to test it, just in case it's actually impending hurling.

John and I got online last night to trade stuff in Diablo (uh....... we're geeks, in case you hadn't figured that out), but then he invited me over to their place. It was nice - we sat around and played Scrabble. I always lose. I have never won a game of Scrabble in my entire life. It makes no sense, because I have vast grammar and spelling knowledge crammed into my head, yet I suck at Scrabble. Anyway, it was nice to just hang out and talk.

Next weekend, we're having a Christmas/LotR Extravagaaanza! Getting together Saturday for the extended Fellowship and Two Towers, then dinner and presents, since Ron will be in NY for the holidays. Then RotK on Sunday, baby! Woo!
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So I finally did that evil color quiz that made everyone's journals look like they were on crack, and it told me I was lavender. So I said to myself, "Self. You like lavender and you don't like the stark white background on your journal. Why not make it lavender?"

Only I'm not sure I like this lavender. It's sort of ... bright. I want reeeeally light lavender with more cool blue in it than red. Must experiment.

It's crazy snowy outside. I went out for chocolate out of sheer desperation - both for chocolate and to get out of the damn house - but I'm not setting foot outside again until they've plowed. Not that they know how to frelling plow in this city. They drive around with their big ass trucks, but do they actually plow anything up? I'm pretty sure the plow blades aren't anywhere near the pavement. What kind of sense does that make? None, I tell you.

Before I went to work yesterday, I stopped in at my video place but they were all out of PotC. Damn! When I stopped to get Dew at the Store 24, they were selling the DVDs but they're 30 bucks and I just can't afford that right now. Not if I want to buy the Firefly DVDs at some point this month. So sad. I guess I'll have to resort to many many hours of Stargate to make up for the lack of pirate-y goodness.
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Good God - the snow! All through November ... no snow ... no snow ... no snow ... then BAM!

We got to leave work early last night because the afternoon mail never made it to the office, so there was very little for us to process. So at 12:15 last night, my little Focus and I were slipping and sliding from Needham to Watertown. I'm just grateful that there weren't that many people on the roads with me because I was all over the place. I hate that feeling when you're turning the wheel one way and the car decides it would be much easier to go the opposite direction. I was surprisingly calm through the whole thing and at one point, even remembered the whole "steer into the skid" rule. Go me.

I also had one of those moments when you realize that you've become your parents. I'm never in the car without the radio on - I love music, and I love to sing, so I sing my little heart out when I'm in my car. But last night, as I was skidding around on the road, the first thing I did was turn off the radio. And I realized that whenever my parents were stuck in bad weather or bad traffic, the first thing they did was turn off the radio. I never understood that as a kid. I'm not even sure I understand it now, but I found myself doing it without even thinking about it. So weird.


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