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We're having a decorating contest at work where each row plasters their desks with gaudy holiday decorations and whichever row makes the judges blind from all the shiny gets the prize.

Okay, those aren't the exact rules, but that's sort of the way it's turning out.

We have a mini Christmas tree, tons of empty boxes wrapped up like presents, blinking lights, garland, a giant teddy bear dressed like Santa, eleventy million paper snowflakes and ornaments hung from every empty spot to be found. My contribution (besides the 5 rolls of wrapping paper that didn't even put a dent in my ridiculously large personal collection) was wrapping Jose's cubicle like a giant present, complete with enormous red bow. I am particularly proud of it.

It's the most fun I've had at work in I don't even know how long!
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Things I Do When I'm Bored: Nitpick from my blog reader.

I may just be cranky because I'm stuck at work with nothing to do, but on a cooking blog, I should not find this:

The soup starts with softening leaks in butter, then adding chicken stock and water.

I suppose you could soften a leak in butter, but why would you want to?

I know it's just a blog and hey, I'm sure I spell things wrong on occasion, but I think if you're going to put something out there like you know what you're talking about, you should probably know what you're talking about and also how to spell it.

*cranky face*
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Three of my co-workers are talking about how much they want to see that Martin Lawrence movie where he takes his kid on a college road trip. They want to see it. It makes me die a little inside.

And now it's 20 minutes later and they're still talking about it. Now I want to fly over the dividing wall of our row and attack them with my stapler and retro Bic pen.

*war cry*

I never played Dungeons & Dragons so I'd never heard of Gary Gygax until all these little odes to him started popping up all over my flist. John was a D&D geek when he was in high school and while I never understood exactly what went on during those marathon gaming sessions he had with his friends, I knew it made him happy. And much later when he and Ron and I all ended up in Boston and they needed someone to game with, I got dragged into it and I wouldn't trade our RPG adventures for anything in the world. RIP, Mr. Gygax. And thanks.
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I have thirteen minutes before I have to leave for work. Gah!

-- Mom sent me this link to the best pictures of 2003. Some of them are just beautiful:

-- I officially hate my new temp agency. The boppy little twit I talked to on Monday swore to me on the phone that she'd mailed my paycheck on Wednesday, but it's still not here. It's not here, you stupid boppy little twit! It doesn't take more than two days for an envelope to get from downtown Boston to Watertown, even for the United States Postal Service. Grrrrr. I wanted to get my hair cut today, because it's driving me crazy, but now I need to hang on to that $20 for gas and other stuff I might need over the weekend in VT.

-- So since I didn't get my hair cut, I had some time to kill and actually got to watch some tv for the first time in ages. Mmm, Highlander. I used to be obsessed with Highlander. The series, not the movie, although I like the movie, too. The first one. And the third one a little bit. Anyway. Highlander is yet another example of me watching a series while hating the main character. I truly can't stand Duncan MacLeod. Yet I watch.

Ganked yet another quiz from [ profile] maystone:

God's thoughts passing to man... )

I'm out of time! Have a good weekend, all. Maybe I'll get to post from VT.
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-- It's very very cooooold. When I left work at 1 am, I thought my fingers were going to freeze solid just getting from the office to my car. Brrr. Then my car was all warm and toasty by the time I got home and I didn't want to get out and have to be cold again. So I sat in the car, because sometimes, I'm a dork.

-- We have Monday off! I'm so very excited about this, because a three day weekend means I get to go home! I haven't been home to VT since October and I miss it. I'm glad I don't live there anymore, but I still miss it. So yay! I'm going to haul my DVD player and my extended Fellowship and Two Towers DVDs because my friend Bev has finally decided that maybe she'd like to see what all the fuss is about. What she really wants, though, is to stare at Legolas. She thinks she's got me fooled, but she doesn't.

-- My hands were all dry and gross tonight at work so Tracey gave me some lotion. After I already had it on my hands, she said very happily, "It's sparkly lotion!" So now I have little bits of glitter all over me. It's on my hands, my face, my clothes. At one point, I rubbed my eye, so I think there are now sparkles up under my eyelid. Joy. Why? Why the glitter in the lotion, I ask you?

-- Oh, and this? Is evil:
Ew. )
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I'm so extraordinarily pissed at myself right now. I went to work this afternoon, completely forgetting to set up the VCR for the brand spankin' new ep of Stargate that was on tonight. I didn't even think about it until it was too late even to call home and get the Roommate to tape the 11 pm re-play for me. Grr! Arrrrrgh! I've been looking forward to this for weeks! How the hell could I forget?! For crying out loud...

This is what happens when work takes over your brain. Let it be a lesson, kids. Don't let work happen to you, too. I've still got seven hours to work on Sunday before I make my 60 for the week, but at least I'm done until then. A whole day! With no work! I think I shall sleep. Oh yes. Sleep.

Also? I should've gotten a paycheck in the mail today for last week, plus holiday pay from Christmas. Instead? I got a phone call from some chick who tells me that her company has "acquired" Lakeshore Staffing, my temp agency that got me my current job. They'd like me to come in and meet with them to go over some new policies, etc, etc, oh and by the way, she has my check. Pardon? You have my check? She's so nonchalant about it, like I don't need that money. She wonders if I'd like to pick it up on Monday when I come in to meet with her? No, actually. I'd like to have it in my hands and be putting it in my bank account, bitch. Gah! So there go the groceries I was planning on buying tomorrow. And I was hoping to see RotK again during my one day off, but apparently, that's out the window as well. And what is it they need to see me for, anyway? I filled out about seventeen pounds of paperwork when I interviewed with Lakeshore in the first place. Plus, I'm not even looking for a frelling job right now anyway.

Wow! I'm very pissy.

Okay, one good thing to try and even it out. I've been invited to join the 2nd shift at work, which is 3:30 to midnight (as opposed to 5:30-2 am, which is what I work now). They'd also like to teach me some new stuff so that I can do more kinds of work than just the data processing I've been doing. I'm taking these things as a sign that things are going well, and that maybe they're thinking of hiring me when the temp gig is up. I mean, would they be teaching me new stuff if they were going to let me go? I don't know - for now, we play the waiting game.

"Waiting game sucks! Let's play 'Hungry Hungry Hippos!'"
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Five and a quarter hours down, who knows how many to go. I may live through working Christmas Eve after all.

My Secret Santa loves me. She gave me X2 on DVD. Woo! I was holding it, still wrapped, in my hands and it felt like a book and I thought it was an address book or a journal and I was convincing myself that it was the thought that counted and I shouldn't be such an ass about getting a freaking present, for crying out loud! Where's my Christmas spirit?! And then I opened it and I was so very happy! Yay for my Secret Santa!
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I think I'm in love with the RotK soundtrack. Or the movie itself. Or possibly both. I don't know. I do know that I am definitely and for sure in love with Eowyn and Eomer, the siblings of hotness. And Sam.

So I'm really not looking forward to going to work tonight. This is just not how I am supposed to spend my Christmas Eve, people. And the theory had been that if we got all the work done tonight, we could have Friday off and still get paid for it. And that would rock, because Mom's going to be here, and I want to spend as much time with her as I can. But the rumor is that there's going to be an insane amount of stuff to do and we're going to end up working Friday anyway, no matter how much we get done. Grr argh. The one bright spot there is that if we do work Friday, we'll also get paid for Christmas Day, which we wouldn't normally.

But we have the whole Secret Santa thing going on tonight, so maybe that'll be exciting. We filled out these little papers with our likes and dislikes, so that people would have some idea of what to get us. The person I got put "Lottery tickets" and "Captain Morgan rum" as her likes. That scares me a little. So I just can't buy lottery tickets, but I did get her a very nice bottle of Plantation rum. My Food & Wine magazine told me it was the best rum in that price range, so I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase. If she doesn't like it, she can pour it in a Captain Morgan jug and pretend. I think that was maybe the second time I've bought alcohol in my life and I got up to the checkout and there were big signs everywhere that said "We do NOT take out-of-state IDs!" Which sucked, because the only thing in my wallet was my Vermont driver's license. So I went up to the help desk place (dude, there's a help desk at the liquor store - are they all like that?), and said to the guy, "Your sign says you don't take out-of-state ID, but that's all I have." And he said, "What state?" Me: "Vermont." Him: "Oh, Vermont. We don't take anything from that state." At which point I just stared at him because it's 4 pm on the day before Christmas Eve - does he think people have time for his moronic humor? So he says, "Oh, I'm just kidding with ya. It's fine." God save me from the dumbasses of the world.

And in other news? I'm a complete and total slacker because I still have presents to wrap, and I still don't have anything for my uncle and his wife but I'm scared to try and shop because it's crazy out there, people. Crazy. I could be taking my life in my hands just driving past Target. I almost died twelve times in Needham yesterday trying to get to work because of the insanity that is holiday traffic. Gah!

Merry Christmas Eve!
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Here's my question (read: rant): Why do people go to work just to screw around and then get pissy when other people have a problem with that? I mean, if you're AT work, aren't you there, theoretically, to work? Grar. I shouldn't have to have my headphones on so loud that they risk busting an eardrum just to keep from being distracted by the asshats in the next cubicle. And they should not have the audacity to give me dirty looks and make snide comments about me when I suggest that they might try getting something - anything! - done for a radical change of pace.

But it's Friday. It's Friday and my roommate's gone for the weekend and we're gaming on Sunday. Breathe deep and move on.

This amusing thing happened today at work:

My friend Leni said to me, very matter-of-factly: "You have to stop drinking Mountain Dew. It's not good for you."

To which I replied: "What are you, my mother?"
(And tangentially, is there something about me that brings out the Mother in people? I mean, am I giving off some sort of pheromone that raises people's estrogen levels? It seems to happen almost immediately when I make friends - suddenly they're reminding me to wear a coat and drive carefully and eat healthy. For crying out loud, the woman that actually gave birth to me doesn't harass me as much!)

James, who spends most of his time listening to P Diddy at the decibel level of a jackhammer, instructs me thusly: "Just tell her to get her nose out'cher business. You gotta say to her 'Get off my back, yo.'" There was some sort of wavy hand gesture in there, too, that I couldn't emulate if I tried.

So I took a poll of my surrounding co-workers - could I or could I not get away with ending a sentence with 'yo'? The general consensus was that I could, if I practiced. So I spent the rest of the evening punctuating various sentences with 'yo'. You know, like "What batch number are we on, yo?" and "I'm going on break, yo." I'm pretty sure it just made me look even more like a dork than usual. Fortunately, I'm accustomed to that.

I pulled this off the Enterprise boards at TWoP and it just might be the funniest thing I've seen all week.

I'm very sad that I missed both Tru Calling and what sounds like a kickass ep of Angel this week, but I'm psyched for my triple play of Joan of Arcadia, Stargate and The Handler. Whee! To the TV, Robin!


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