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China Mieville's King Rat has been on my to-read list for a while now, but maybe I'll take a pass.

Why the Navi Are Making Me Blue

" imagery (CGI) is rotting science fiction from the inside."?

I think I just rolled my eyes so hard that I saw my own brain.

And oh, look. He couldn't manage to shoehorn yet another Tolkien insult into his little article, so he bashed the LotR movies instead. Classy.
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It's been making the rounds.


Your result for The Ohmigod Test...

Satan - Fallen Angel and God of Hell

33% Goodness, 56% Vengeful, 89% Lawful and 56% benevolence!

Satan is rebellious fallen angel and in the eyes of many an evil jinn.His name is a synonym for the Devil. He rebelled against god by deciding that all creatures should worship themselves instead of the Authority. He raised an army against the army of The Trinity and lost. This act got him banished him from the kingdom of heaven.His last main act on earth was to convince the first people that knowledge was more important than blind worship. The Mother of All was tempted by the knowledge that was promised and delivered by him. That was his greatest gift to mankind though it came with the sacrifice of leaving paradise.In the bible he is known as "the god of this world"?(2 Cor. 4:4) and at the end of the earth he shall join his minions in his own kingdom of fire.Those who worship him worship the ideals of Equality with the Gods and with each other, Knowledge, and Power

Take The Ohmigod Test at HelloQuizzy

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Three of my co-workers are talking about how much they want to see that Martin Lawrence movie where he takes his kid on a college road trip. They want to see it. It makes me die a little inside.

And now it's 20 minutes later and they're still talking about it. Now I want to fly over the dividing wall of our row and attack them with my stapler and retro Bic pen.

*war cry*

I never played Dungeons & Dragons so I'd never heard of Gary Gygax until all these little odes to him started popping up all over my flist. John was a D&D geek when he was in high school and while I never understood exactly what went on during those marathon gaming sessions he had with his friends, I knew it made him happy. And much later when he and Ron and I all ended up in Boston and they needed someone to game with, I got dragged into it and I wouldn't trade our RPG adventures for anything in the world. RIP, Mr. Gygax. And thanks.


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