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Picspam: Top 50 LotR moments

BRB. AFK crying.
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I have thirteen minutes before I have to leave for work. Gah!

-- Mom sent me this link to the best pictures of 2003. Some of them are just beautiful:

-- I officially hate my new temp agency. The boppy little twit I talked to on Monday swore to me on the phone that she'd mailed my paycheck on Wednesday, but it's still not here. It's not here, you stupid boppy little twit! It doesn't take more than two days for an envelope to get from downtown Boston to Watertown, even for the United States Postal Service. Grrrrr. I wanted to get my hair cut today, because it's driving me crazy, but now I need to hang on to that $20 for gas and other stuff I might need over the weekend in VT.

-- So since I didn't get my hair cut, I had some time to kill and actually got to watch some tv for the first time in ages. Mmm, Highlander. I used to be obsessed with Highlander. The series, not the movie, although I like the movie, too. The first one. And the third one a little bit. Anyway. Highlander is yet another example of me watching a series while hating the main character. I truly can't stand Duncan MacLeod. Yet I watch.

Ganked yet another quiz from [ profile] maystone:

God's thoughts passing to man... )

I'm out of time! Have a good weekend, all. Maybe I'll get to post from VT.


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