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Picspam: Top 50 LotR moments

BRB. AFK crying.
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The Return of the King EE has eaten my brain.

I had all kinds of things planned to do yesterday. I was going to finish up my shopping (I really don't have that much left, I really don't!). I was going to do my Christmas cards. I was going to wrap presents. I love wrapping presents. Aside from the actual moment when the present is opened, wrapping it is my favorite part of the whole giving-a-present thing. I love it. Anyway.

My plans were thwarted by the fact that I got paid on Friday and suddenly had enough money to buy the EE. Which I did, on the way home from work. I stayed up far too late watching the entire thing, and then couldn't seem to do anything yesterday but lay around watching the first disc of the Appendices.

I am both thrilled and disappointed by the new scenes.

Cut for those who don't want to know or don't give a crap )
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-- It's very very cooooold. When I left work at 1 am, I thought my fingers were going to freeze solid just getting from the office to my car. Brrr. Then my car was all warm and toasty by the time I got home and I didn't want to get out and have to be cold again. So I sat in the car, because sometimes, I'm a dork.

-- We have Monday off! I'm so very excited about this, because a three day weekend means I get to go home! I haven't been home to VT since October and I miss it. I'm glad I don't live there anymore, but I still miss it. So yay! I'm going to haul my DVD player and my extended Fellowship and Two Towers DVDs because my friend Bev has finally decided that maybe she'd like to see what all the fuss is about. What she really wants, though, is to stare at Legolas. She thinks she's got me fooled, but she doesn't.

-- My hands were all dry and gross tonight at work so Tracey gave me some lotion. After I already had it on my hands, she said very happily, "It's sparkly lotion!" So now I have little bits of glitter all over me. It's on my hands, my face, my clothes. At one point, I rubbed my eye, so I think there are now sparkles up under my eyelid. Joy. Why? Why the glitter in the lotion, I ask you?

-- Oh, and this? Is evil:
Ew. )
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too long i wanted my sister
Well, if you can't keep it in your pants, at least
you're keeping it in the family. Hopefully,
Grima will call the cops on you once he gets to

What Lord of the Rings engrish subtitle are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm all about the cheating today. I went through it once and got a bizarre Merry one, but was terribly curious about all the "forbidden love of your sister" answers, so I went back and chose all those to get this one. Mmmm...siblings of hotness.
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Le sigh.

So I know that I should be cleaning my kitchen right now. I mean, logically, I know this. I can practically see the dirt from here. But I don't waaaaant to. There are dishes in there, lurking. And dammit, I just don't give a damn.

So here I sit, not cleaning, and thinking about my terribly nice day:

Got up (late, natch - I'm late everywhere I go before noon since I started the night job).
Drove like a bat out of hell to Brighton to pick up John so we could go to Ron's and game.
Played MERP for many hours and had a blast doing it. There's just something about playing a half-elf that wields two swords that makes me ungodly happy.
Picked up pizza.
Worried about the fact that I could smell gas inside my car.
Went back to John and Tanise's.
Ate pizza.
Played LotR Trivial Pursuit (and lost....badly) and LotR Monopoly (which I won - dude, I never win anything!).
Worried some more about the gas thing.
Came home.
Avoided cleaning the kitchen.
Avoided it some more.
Yeah, okay, still avoiding.

All in all, a happy day. The best thing about playing the LotR games? The quotage.
Land on Gap of Rohan: "We should make for the Gap of Rohan!"
Land on Isengard: "They are taking the hobbits to Isengard!"
Land on Edoras: "Last I looked, Theoden, not Aragorn, was king of Rohan."

Etc, etc, ad nauseum, ad infinitum until Tanise wants to kill us all and put out our eyeses. Hee!

Okay, enough with the avoidance. Time to gird myself with sponge and pail and break through the defenses of the kitchen. God be with me.
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Holy crap!

That was the best damn movie ever.
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Wooo! Gaming yesterday didn't run quite as long as it usually does with us - we like our marathon gaming sessions - so when we were finished, we settled in to watch John's brand spanking new copy of the extended Two Towers.

I'll make my first attempt at an lj cut for those that don't want to hear about the new stuff yet...

Eeeeee! )

I'm staying home from work today because I feel all crappy and ache-y. I just hope it goes away - I really don't want to spend Thanksgiving sick. I did that last year, and it was so not fun. Here's hoping for a healthier day tomorrow.


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